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New Admiral club in Sombor

On July 9 in Sombor at Pariska 14, the first Admiral Club in the city was the center of events thanks to a grand opening where guests enjoyed hospitality at the highest level. The service staff will greet you every day with a multitude of jackpots, electronic rou...

New Admiral Club in Bor – Kralja Petra I 18

From March 16, visitors to the newly opened Admiral Club in Bor at Kralja Petra I 18, will have the opportunity to enjoy a new dimension of entertainment. The club is characterized by a modern interior design as well as exceptional comfort, which is indispensable...

Admiral gobal jackpot has been won

Some will say it is destiny, some will claim that the favorite gaming device can recognize the hand, we will give everyone the right to interpret in their own way what happened on Tuesday, December 29, 2020. on Gaminator who was waiting for "his player". A mil...

Admiral Jackpot

A new chapter of the Admiral jackpot. It arrives in a new edition with a changed amount of up to 5,000,000 dinars and can be won in all Admiral clubs throughout Serbia, and it is intended for as many future millionaires as possible. After each win, the jack...

Global Admiral Jackpot has been won

Admiral got a new MILLIONAIRE - 14.862.623 RSD New ADMIRAL millionaire will be remembering 12. November for the rest of his life, the day he won the biggest jackpot of the year 2020. The lucky winner got richer for an amazing 14 million and 862 thousands of...



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