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Admiral jackpot is a standard jackpot in all Admiral clubs whose amount is determined by the player's game. It is divided into three levels: Mini, Midi and Maxi jackpot.

Admiral GLOBAL Jackpot

Admiral GLOBAL Jackpot

Admiral GLOBAL Jackpot is valid in all Admiral clubs. The amount for this Jackpot goes up to 15.000.000 dinars.

Admiral GLOBAL Jackpot is intended for experienced players and starts at 10.000.000 dinars with the game at a minimum bet of 200 dinars.



You can win the Million GRAND PRIX jackpot in all Admiral clubs in Belgrade.

Admiral MAXI Jackpot

Admiral MAXI Jackpot

Admiral MAXI jackpot is a standard jackpot in all Admiral clubs whose amount is up to 300.000 dinars.

Admiral MAXI jackpot is reserved for the big players with big bets (prizes up to 300.000 dinars).

Summer Queen

To everything there is a season... and this is the season of plenty on 40 lines. This beautiful guardian watches over creatures great and small and bestows nature’s riches upon all of them. Look out for the feature - summer will serve you well.


New Admiral club in Belgrade

New Admiral Club is going to be opened soon and it's going to be located at Mileševska 58. You are more than welcome to come to the Grand opening on January 24th at 7 PM. An exclusive ambient with slot machines of the newest generation are going to be enough fo...

Admiral Atrium

Belgrade has now got another glamorous and luxurious place, but what's most important is that everybody is going to have a chance to test their luck while using state-of-the art gambling machines. This Admiral club is unique in this region, it's a place that is...

The biggest Admiral Club in Serbia

If you want to test your luck, have a good time and enjoy in a luxurious ambient while listening to some great music, you need to come to the grand opening of the new Admiral club, the biggest slot club in the region. The location is Japanska 3, Novi B...


We present you the innovations at our clubs Deligradska 1 (Slavia square) and Dušana Vukasovića 61 (New Belgrade) whose design and functions not only move boundaries of reality, technology, but also entertainment. Register and play to win different level bonuse...

New Admiral club in Subotica

Final preparations are in progress! New Admiral Slot Club in Subotica is eager to open its doors for you. See you on 31.01. at 12pm in Trg cara Jovana Nenada 11.

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