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Renovated Admiral Club in Belgrade – Uskočka 4

In the heart of Belgrade, one of the oldest and most famous Admiral clubs was officially opened at the address of Uskočka 4, after the renovation. Throughout the evening our guests enjoyed the comfort and atmosphere that this club provides. Every day in a new an...

ADMIRAL global jackpot won!

At the Admiral Club in Petrovac on Mlava, for the first time in history, the highest ever ADMIRAL global jackpot was won! The life of our lucky winner changed instantly. He became a millionaire by winning RSD 14,720,558.00!

The new Admiral Club in Sremska Mitrovica – Kralja Petra I 5a

Magnificent, in the style of Ancient Rome, we have opened a new Admiral Club in Sremska Mitrovica. Throughout the evening, our guests enjoyed an interesting thematic content, and the fiery dance truly showed us how it all came to be in the Roman Empire!

Admiral on 53rd Guitar Festival in Zaječar

The press conference was held on the 2nd and 3rd day of the 53rd Guitar Festival in Zaječar, where members of the band Infuzija and Gnijev Anđela spoke, as well as others, among them Bruno Langer, frontmen of the band Atomsko Sklonište. Also, in the Admiral...

BURT RUNS AMERICA – From Los Angeles to Las Vegas!

Admiral is proud supporter of brave and enthusiastic young people from Belgrade Urban Running Team. BURT has represented Serbia among 50 of the world‘s teams at one of the most extreme races in the world - “The Speed Project” in a relay race in the desert o...



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