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Responsible gambling

Games of chance and gambling that people are promoting are usually something that people enjoy doing in their free time, but they can also become an addiction and can lead to many problems.
A person who is gambling on a consistent basis is always investing more and more money which can lead to addiction. The consequences can be catastrophic. A big financial loss can occur, while someone can also lose a job or even tear apart their family, or self-destruct.

We want to take action and prevent this pessimistic and destructive scenario so we can keep the excitement and the happiness in gambling. In other words – responsible gambling.


You can’t force your luck!


• Never gamble/bet more money than you initially planned.
• Whether you are winning or losing, you need to stop gambling/betting when you get to the sum which equals your wager
• Never gamble/bet if you can’t afford it financially.
• Never gamble/bet if because of that you need to borrow money from somebody else.
• Never gamble/bet with the money that you wanted to spend on something else.
• Never gamble if that is your way of reducing stress.
• Plan gambling, don’t do it whenever.
• Never gamble/bet if you need to give up social gatherings or business meetings because of it.
• If you start gambling on a regular basis – take a break.


If you feel like you can’t control your gambling or playing the games of chances, you are going to need some counseling.
Keep your gambling under control – don’t let it control you!


“Responsible gambling” is a comprehensive and well-structured project in our country that is designed to help gambling addicts, as well as the family members. The coordinator of this project in Serbia is a psychiatrist dr Ivica Mladenović. Alongside giving all the gambling-related information that you need, the experts on this topic are going to be available on every working day from 9 AM to 5 PM if you need any advice about the institutions that work on these problems. All you need to do is to call 0800-301302 number. The call is going to be free.

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