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Admiral on 53rd Guitar Festival in Zaječar

The press conference was held on the 2nd and 3rd day of the 53rd Guitar Festival in Zaječar, where members of the band Infuzija and Gnijev Anđela spoke, as well as others, among them Bruno Langer, frontmen of the band Atomsko Sklonište. Also, in the Admiral...

BURT RUNS AMERICA – From Los Angeles to Las Vegas!

Admiral is proud supporter of brave and enthusiastic young people from Belgrade Urban Running Team. BURT has represented Serbia among 50 of the world‘s teams at one of the most extreme races in the world - “The Speed Project” in a relay race in the desert o...


It was our honor and pleasure of hosting the leading directors at a party that was a part of the closing ceremony of the 47th International Film Festival and to organize a great party.

The new Admiral Club in Zaječar – Svetozara Markovića 9

Zaječar has got a new gathering place for fans of lucky games. On Svetozara Markovića street, the luxurious Admiral club with the modern slot machines has been opened. Make sure of the rich offer of the most interesting games of luck. We are expecting you every...

The new Admiral Club in Belgrade – Kirovljeva 20

On the attractive and approachable location on Banovo Brdo, the new Admiral club on Kirovljeva 20 has been opened. The most modern space, luxuriously furnished surroundings and the slot machines of the newest generation awaits you! We are expecting you every d...



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